I just wanted to thank you once again for your assistance in bringing Silver Creek to our attention. You were absolutely right on target in terms of the band's appeal for our crowd which represents a very broad cross-section of the Central Alberta marketplace. They definitely enhanced the evening for our fans! Everyone from young children to senior citizens had their toes tapping and a smile upon their face during the band's two sets. It was amazing to see the crowd in the building actually migrate toward the stage.

I also appreciate the fact that you were willing to "work with us" in terms of booking the event. I'm sure that you deal with any number of experienced concert promoters and/or bar managers for whom booking a band is a normal course of business. This is not the case for our hockey team. While this was not a one-off for us, up to that point in time, all of the entertainers we had booked were local. Bringing in an outside band was done with some trepidation on our part but, in great part due to you, it went off seamlessly. I would not hesitate to recommend City Lights or Silver Creek to any other organization.

Please let me know if you have any other similar type acts coming through our region. Although I might not always be able to work something out, based upon the feedback we received from our fans, this is definitely something we will be looking to do with increased frequency.


Greg McConkey
V.P. Business Development
Red Deer Rebels Hockey Club

The Chicago White Sox would like to thank City Lights Entertainment for their constant professionalism. It is always great working with you and we will look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Nicole Manning, Amy Sheridan, Dan Mielke, Brian Powalish - Game Operations Department

I am an independent singer/songwriter in Canada. This book was recommended to me by a family member who had seen Michael in an interview, talking about his book. I am just about to release my first album so she thought it might be helpful. I'll be honest, like many of us, I have spent the past few years trying to get some understanding of the music industry and have been to the websites, I've read the articles, I've read the books, and in 90 percent of the cases it was useless information, a mere scratching of the surface, so to speak. I cannot stress to you enough how IMPORTANT this book is for people who are getting started in a career in the music industry in ANY capacity: singer, songwriter, publisher, manager, you name it, they should read it. Because of Michael's book I have a bio, press kit, 2 festival gigs, and a possible East Coast summer tour, all done by me. And by the way, the people in his book, who's names are listed with contact info, you can actually contact them. Try it, I dare you! And enjoy the book, you will be so much further ahead if you do!


To everyone trying to help young musicians achieve their maximum potential:

I am the Mother of a musical talent. I can't deny that it's not a tremendous challenge. Artistic personalities are often hard to deal with. They-re high energy and high passion. Like the songs say, "the sweat pours out your body", the emotion of an uncontrollable drive to have their bared soul heard, understood, identified with...it's no easy road.

I'm a parent; the parent of an incredibly talented and dedicated man that I believe has a message worth hearing. Where do we begin? How do we help our child or children that we believe in, love, support?? The music business is very complex and difficult to understand. I had an unbelievably wonderful opportunity to meet with a musically talented and passionate man named Michael Wood with the band City Lights Entertainment. In a conference call with Michael Wood lasting a little more than an hour I learned more "tricks of the trade" and solid advice than I could ever have learned networking with dozens or even hundreds of experienced musicians I've networked with for 2-3 decades. If you are a parent that wants to help your young talent get a jump start that can launch them into stardom, Michael Wood with City Lights Entertainment is the man you want to talk with. Get your notebook and/or recorder and soak in every word of wisdom he shares with you. He's mature, experienced, solid and sincere. Michael Wood believes that it's important to help jumpstart the careers of new talent entering into the music industry blind, with little idea of what to do and how to do it. He has the experience and knowledge you need to get up to speed and get going to achieve your ultimate dreams.

I recommend him for all musicians, entertainers, and all venues. He's been there and has the T-shirt. He's a compassionate, passionate and dynamic man that wants to give back to the industry what the industry has given him. Whatever he charges, he's worth the money. Hire him and pick his brain. Learn from his experience, take his advice and embrace what he teaches. He'll steer you in the right direction. He'll provide you with "the easy part". The hard part will be getting your "young adult" talents to follow the directions Michael Wood recommends. He'll tell you the direction to take to make your move toward success in the extremely complex and competitive world of the music business. His word is gold, and with his advice, suggestions, and deep desire to help others starting at a point he knows is a hard road to travel, Michael Wood can lead you in the direction you want to travel to jumpstart your band's road to stardom. If you want sound advice that will guide/lead you to stardom get in touch with Michael Wood from City Lights Entertainment. Once you've heard what he has to give, the hardest part will be to get your kid and their band to do what he says is the path to success.

Good luck with your band. Michael Wood is the man! Get with him and bring your notebook, pen, and tape recorder. His word is Gospel in this business and his high energy and passion for the music business will blast you where you live. I highly recommend him for anyone trying to catch a break in the music world. I am ST Maximum sound and I believe in what Michael Wood has to offer. If I can help or answer any related questions please contact me.

Michael Wood's been a true inspiration to a Mother that sold her home to support her son's dream. Many people in the music business try to take a new talent and mold them into something that can really reach the people, feed the people, share a philosophical ideology, dream, feeling, heart and soul consuming the driven and talented. I can't say enough wonderful things about Michael Wood. He's been a tremendous inspiration and knowledge base for me. I know he'll do the same for you.

Sincerely - Peggy, owner of ST MAMIXMUM SOUND.Cental Louisiana

I met Michael Wood from City Lights Entertainment through our singer Brent Taylor. He was the Dj at the local radio station Q93 in Alexandria,Louisiana. They were playing one of Circuit's singles. I phoned Michael from the radio station and started a conversation with him about how to get into the business. I talked with him over 2 hours and he sent me a copy of his book. Long story short...Michael is very professional and exceptionally understanding when it comes to the music business. City Lights Entertainment's team is very reliable, and some of the most generous individuals I've come in contact with. Thanks for all the help Mike. Rob ( If Nothing Else) Myspace.com/Ifnothingelse

I'm a professional musician from Ottawa, Ontario who has had the opportunity to use and benefit from City Lights Entertainment's management services. I found their services to be quite valuable and would highly recommend them to anybody out there.

Jaymz Hawley - Email - jaymzhawley@hotmail.com

"I was introduced to Mike Wood by the management for his band CIRCUIT. I have found him to be extremely professional in his representation of the band, as I worked with them as an A&R consultant. He certainly has a real understanding of the industry and how to deal with the day to day business aspects of it. He has a passion for music and a committed belief that it not only takes talent but vision, hard work and determination for success to be accomplished. "

Don Grierson

"In all of my work experiences with Mike Wood I've found him to be an honest, enthusiastic person with an extended knowledge of the music business."

Dale Penner, Producer of Circuit, Nickelback, Holly MacNarland

"In my duties as music columnist for The Ottawa Citizen, I have called on Mike Wood many times over the years for interviews and information. He has always been hard-working and professional both as a musician and a member of the capital's entertainment community."

Wes Smiderle, The Ottawa Citizen

"I have crossed paths with Michael Wood and City Lights Entertainment several times over the years. Our relationship has always been, and continues to be professional, productive, and enjoyable. I am always grateful to someone who works hard to make my job easier. That definitely applies to City Lights Entertainment."

Eric Longley, Entertainment Reporter, CJOH-CTV, Ottawa

"Though only having recently collaborated with City Lights Entertainment, we have found them to be extremely approachable, as well as knowledgeable with respect to various facets of the music industry. It is evident that they share in the enthusiasm of the artist, and convey this with thoughtful, useful advice."

Gordon Gartrell

"City Lights Entertainment has been exemplary in its organizing and hosting of charity concerts at the Cock 'N Bull Pub & Eatery for such organizations as the Red Cross September 11 Relief Fund and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Professional and thorough from start to finish."

Richard Morgan - General Manager